Windsor Brain Tumour Walk 2018

Team 9 3/4: Wizards & Witches Against Brain Tumors

Our team began in 2010 after Mckenna was diagnosed with a brain tumour at age 4 and a half. Since then we have joined together a growing number of family and friends that walk in honour and memory of many people affected by a brain tumour. We have received tremendous support as the PJ Princesses, PJ Fairies, PJ Witches, Trash Pack Rivet Fairies, Minion Rivet Fairies and Jedi Rivet Fairies

Last year we worked our magic as Team 9 3/4 and we are back with more spells, potions and a new sense of purpose!

We welcome all witches, wizards and muggles to join us.


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Share one or more of these videos to encourage family and friends to support you.

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